Edgar Job

Cultista pazzo ossessivo


Edgar era uno dei cultisti presenti all’evocazione disastrosa del ’24.

Si trova ora ricoverato a Joy Grove, un manicomio di Savannah


“I’m on nine different pills. They’re not too big. Blue ones and red ones. Two capsules. The rest are, you know, they’re pills.”

“I’m not supposed to ask about what happened that night. About Henslowe’s friends. About Echavarria. I’m not ready yet.”

“We didn’t really have a name. We were just Echavarria’s, you know, people. Cult is as good a word as anything, I guess.”

“I met him around the time I was at UCLA. George introduced us, I think. George Avery? Ayers? I swear, I can hear his voice, why can’t I remember this? It’s all still hazy.”

“That Echavarria, if that was his real name, had a hell of a library. Creepy books. He gave us ideas for things to do, sex things and things to say, out of those books.”

“Threw damn crazy parties. Sex. Drugs. I was basically high from 1923 through August of ‘24. So my memory is not good. I remember, you know, a lot of sex. And the drugs Echavarria got
us. Potent stuff.”

“He promised us all. Promised me power. He said that: ‘power.’ Said we’d all get whatever we wanted in the new time, when Gol-Goroth was here. We called him the Fisher From
Outside for some reason. This… isn’t what I wanted.”

“This one guy, with a shotgun, just… blew Echavarria away. Shot him right down. I stabbed that guy with Echavarria’s knife, this big ugly knife, a few times. To get away. I was so sure he
was going to kill me, too, and I had to get away from there.”

“I know it was wrong. I see his face every night. I can’t undo it, so it’s best if I just move on. That’s what Dr. Keaton says.”

“Echavarria put spells on us. Or on me, anyway. The night of the summoning. This spell, I guess it was kind of a big deal. He put it on me the night of the summoning, right before the Fisher, or, or, the Thing, showed up. I don’t know what it was supposed to do, but I
survived, so… maybe that’s something.”

“It had long, weird limbs and no head, but mouths, lots of mouths. I couldn’t really make it out, and I didn’t really try. I know I was screaming. Just screaming. And then I stabbed that guy, Vincent Stack, and ran the hell out of there into the fields.”

“Whatever that thing was that we summoned… it wasn’t what we were promised. It wasn’t what he said it would be. And that thing is still out there.”

“We both do that, draw those symbols, Henslowe and me. I know he watches us, the thing we summoned. But maybe he can’t see us if we put up those marks. Echavarria used to have them in his library, showed them to me. That’s how I learned that it’s sometimes called ‘_the Thing With a Thousand Mouths_,’ too. These old things, they have a lot of names.”

Edgar Job

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