Joseph Westmore

Ricco rampollo annoiato e viveur


Drive: Ennui
Occupation: Dilettante

Occupational Benefits:
By using your Credit Rating pool, you can call on experts from any field as personal contacts. These are relatives, old schoolmates, or other aristocrats with whom you are familiar.

Pillars of Sanity:

  • The honor of the Westmore name
  • The satisfaction of living life to its fullest

Sources of Stability:

  • James, your older brother
  • Janet Winston-Rogers, the remaining heir of the Winston legacy
  • Beatrice Westmore, your doting mother

Academic Abilities:
Accounting 0, Anthropology 0, Archaeology 0,
Architecture* 2, Art History* 2, Biology 0, Cthulhu Mythos 0,
Cryptography 0, Geology 1, History 0, Languages* 2 (French, Spanish),
Law 0, Library Use 0, Medicine 0, Occult 0, Physics 0, Theology 0

Interpersonal Abilities:
Assess Honesty 0, Bargain 1, Bureaucracy 1,
Cop Talk 0, Credit Rating* 8, Flattery* 4, Interrogation 0,
Intimidation 1, Oral History 0, Reassurance* 2, Streetwise 0

Technical Abilities:
Art 1, Astronomy 1, Chemistry 0, Craft 1, Evidence Collection 0,
Forensics 0, Locksmith 0, Outdoorsman 0, Pharmacy 0, Photography 1

General Abilities:
Athletics 6, Conceal 2, Disguise 0, Driving 2,
Electrical Repair 0, Explosives 0, Filch 0, Firearms 6, First Aid 4, Fleeing 0,
Health 10, Hypnosis 0, Mechanical Repair 0, Piloting 4, Preparedness 3,
Psychoanalysis 0, Riding* 4, Sanity 8, Scuffling 3, Sense Trouble 5,
Shadowing 0, Stability 10, Stealth 2, Weapons* 8


To say that you had a privileged upbringing would be selling yourself short: boarding school, summers in Europe, prep school, a year being social at your uncle’s manor in England, Yale. Your life leisurely meanders now from yacht clubs to fancy-dress parties to slumming it at five-star hotels. The most effort you exude is during fencing practice. But traveling first class isn’t
an adventure. You’re not keen to give up the champagne, necessarily, but the damsels on luxury liners rarely need saving. So you follow the advice your mother always repeated: dress
for the life you want. You’ve traded in the pressed slacks and polished shoes for khakis and leather boots. Time to see the world from its streets and back alleys. Of course, you always have that safety net when you need it.

For all your education, you’re the first to admit you’re a bit naïve about the world. You don’t blame yourself, of course. Yale is not the school of hard knocks, and your parents can be more than protective. You’ve always figured there’s something thrilling lying in wait around the corner for you, and you will eagerly seek it out. That said, you’re not shy about your ignorance. You’re perfectly willing to say what you think, or whatever comes to mind, and if you’re wrong, someone is sure to correct you.

Joseph Westmore

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