Dr. Paul Udko

Alienista Ossessivo


Drive: Curiosity
Occupation: Alienist

Occupational Benefits:
Because you are a licensed medical doctor, you can use Medicine as an Interpersonal ability to gain access to mental records, sanitarium wards, medical records, and hospital wards. You make Psychoanalysis tests for Psychological Triage at Difficulty 3 (instead of 4). It costs you 1
Psychoanalysis point (instead of 2) to stabilize an erratic character. You can recover 1 Stability for yourself per Psychoanalysis point you spend. You can use Assess Honesty as forensic psychology. From the details of a crime scene, you can assemble a profile detailing the perpetrator’s likely personal history, age, habits, and attitudes.

Pillars of Sanity:

  • The unflagging advance of scientific understanding
  • Your belief in the ability of the mind to expand its understanding to encompass anything it can perceive

Sources of Stability:

  • Jonas, one of your early patients, whom you treated at Dixmont
  • Dr. Masterson, a close friend on the Philadelphia licensing board
  • Dr. Johns, a professor of behavioral science at your alma mater

Academic Abilities:
Accounting 0, Anthropology 1, Archaeology 0,
Architecture 1, Art History 0, Biology* 2,
Cthulhu Mythos 0, Cryptography 0, Geology 0,
History 0, Languages 2 (German*, Latin*), Law 1,
Library Use* 2, Medicine* 2, Occult 0, Physics 0,
Theology 0

Interpersonal Abilities:
Assess Honesty* 4, Bargain 0, Bureaucracy 1,
Cop Talk 0, Credit Rating 3, Flattery 1, Interrogation* 2,
Intimidation 0, Oral History 0, Reassurance* 4, Streetwise 0

Technical Abilities:
Art 0, Astronomy 0, Chemistry 0, Craft 0,
Evidence Collection 0, Forensics 1, Locksmith 0,
Outdoorsman 0, Pharmacy* 2, Photography 0

General Abilities:
Athletics 2, Conceal 0, Disguise 0, Driving 4,
Electrical Repair 2, Explosives 0, Filch 0,
Firearms 2, First Aid 8, Fleeing 6, Health 10,
Hypnosis 0, Mechanical Repair 2, Piloting 0,
Preparedness 0, Psychoanalysis* 10, Riding 0,
Sanity 8, Scuffling 4, Sense Trouble 7, Shadowing 2,
Stability 10, Stealth 2, Weapons 0


At medical school, your interest in the intricacies of the mind far surpassed any draw the
menial functions of the rest of the body held. Your professional career began at Dixmont Hospital for the Insane, where your curiosity continued to thrive. While your contemporaries were primarily driven to cure their patients of their psychological afflictions, you’d rather prolong them if only to study them better. As the Great Depression set in and the hospital lost a majority of its funding, you decided to go into private practice rather than suffer a reduced salary. But the inane complaints of the clients who could afford your services soon bored you, and you began to seek out stranger and more disturbed customers — whether
they had the cash or not.

You are driven by a need to discover that which is unknown and to understand that which is elusive. From time to time this compulsion has seen you neglect good hygiene, offend the overly sensitive, and propose the unthinkable for the sake of argument. It probably explains your continued bachelorhood. Even for the social drawbacks it brings, though, you are never more alive than when debating and dissecting wild theories with the potential to explain even wilder peculiarities. You would not change the fundamental makeup of your psyche if you could.

Dr. Paul Udko

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