Alfred Elliot

Investigatore privato, veterano della Grande Guerra, padre di famiglia


Drive: Ennui
Occupation: Private Investigator

Occupational Benefits:
You may spend points from Disguise or Shadowing after rolling the die for those tests. For every 2 points you spend after rolling the die, you increase the result by 1. In this case, you must describe something that nearly went wrong and how you barely caught it in
time or lucked out anyway. This does not apply during contests, only when
you are undisturbed and not under direct observation.

Pillars of Sanity:

  • Your patriotic love of the United States of America
  • Hope for what life has in store for you
  • Faith in the Catholic Church

Sources of Stability:

  • Judy Elliott, your wife
  • Brad Messel, a fellow vet from the war, now drinking buddy
  • George Sullivan, your former partner from when you worked the beat

Academic Abilities:
Accounting* 2, Anthropology 0, Archaeology 0,
Architecture 0, Art History 0, Biology 0, Cthulhu Mythos 0,
Cryptography 0, Geology 0, History 0, Languages 0, Law* 2,
Library Use 0, Medicine 0, Occult 0, Physics 0, Theology 1

Interpersonal Abilities:
Assess Honesty* 2, Bargain 1, Bureaucracy 0,
Cop Talk 2, Credit Rating 2, Flattery 0, Interrogation 1,
Intimidation 1, Oral History 0, Reassurance* 4, Streetwise 1

Technical Abilities:
Art 0, Astronomy 0, Chemistry 0, Craft 0,
Evidence Collection 1, Forensics 1, Locksmith* 2, Outdoorsman 0,
Pharmacy 0, Photography* 2

General Abilities:
Athletics 4, Conceal 0, Disguise* 2, Driving* 6,
Electrical Repair 0, Explosives 0, Filch 0,
Firearms 8, First Aid 4, Fleeing 0, Health 12,
Hypnosis 0, Mechanical Repair 0, Piloting 0,
Preparedness 4, Psychoanalysis 0, Riding 0, Sanity 9,
Scuffling* 10, Sense Trouble 4, Shadowing* 10,
Stability 9, Stealth 3, Weapons 0


You were in the trenches during the Great War. Bullets caressed the air next to your tin hat, and mortar shells blossomed only footsteps away. It was miserable while you were there,
but you kind of miss it now. It’s hard to sleep in all this quiet. For a while, you thought being a cop would be the closest approximation to life in the infantry.
But that was a big disappointment — all paperwork and politics. Forget the uniform and regulations; you went into business for yourself. You’re a real licensed private eye now. Snooping on cheating husbands, tracking down delinquents, shaking down the crooks
the cops won’t touch. You even get into a fistfight now and then. That gets the
blood boiling again. It’s not exactly St. Mihiel, but you never know where the
next case could take you.

Something about life back in the States makes you tired and dreary eyed. It’s not to say you don’t love the wife and kids, but you spend more time out of the house looking for trouble. Maybe that’s why Judy’s stepping out on you (didn’t take much of an investigation to figure that out). Eventually. Confronting her wouldn’t give you the same satisfaction as sticking it to some two-bit thug anyway.
You’re both good Catholics; you’ll stand by each other and figure it out

Alfred Elliot

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